What Type Of Website Do You Need?

Brochure Website

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Great for showcasing services, contact info and other company details

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Content Management Website

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If you are looking to update your website often and want to manage pictures and text

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Online Shopping Website

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If you are looking to sell goods/services online

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Customized Website

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If you have a special project that doesn't fall in the previous categories.

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Brochure Website Design

This is the most popular type of website design as it allows your business to get online and be seen by potential customers!

We're all familiar with brochures - those foldable flyers or pamphlets with various sides of information such as the services you offer, products, about you and your staff and your contact information. A brochure website accomplishes that same purpose. On Average, our clients seek 6-10 pages within a brochure website and can house information such as frequently asked questions, testimonials, a portfolio, list of clients, terms, conditions and other warranty details. If it falls within the scope, basic or simple registration forms to capture your users details will be included within a brochure website. Many of the brochure websites we build in Barrie can last indefinitely, however, we recommend giving your viewers a new look and added engagement every 3-5 years.

One thing to note when working with is that ALL our websites are built "search engine ranking" ready - meaning, we'll ensure your website is ready to rank on search engines, whether you optimize yourself or work with a professional search engine optimization company. ALL our websites are also fully responsive - meaning, your website will look great across all types of devices from mobile, tablet, laptops, computers and even televisions! You can read more about responsive websites by clicking here .

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Content Management Websites (CMS)

Take control of your website content and update your content as you please

Many businesses in Barrie have content on their website that needs to change frequently. Restaurants, event companies, bloggers and photographers. Whereas a brochure website doesn't have a user-friendly way of updating content (it is literally done by coding directly on the site sites - ideally by a professional!) a content management website has a "back-end" interface only accessible via login, that allows you to select and edit content. Our preferred content management solution is WordPress as it is extremely safe, reliable, customizable and has a very user friendly interface.

After a consultation and assessing your content management needs, we will provide a solution that will allow you to manage your desired content.

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Online Shopping / E-Commerce Websites

Go from selling in Barrie to selling to the world with an online shopping website!

In the year 2019, online shopping has become widely accepted and used by nearly all types of demographics. Many of our "brick and mortar" clients don't realize that with a small investment, they can increase their sales by offering their products, services and/or "add-on" products for purchasing online. With some clients we meet, they forego the traditional brick and mortar store and invest entirely on their online presence.

All our online shopping websites are not only search engine ready and completely responsive but when using our hosting services your website security (HTTPS / SSL encryption) is included! This will give your buyers piece of mind and help you rank higher than a non-secured website. Most discount hosting solutions charge a premium to have your website secured. You can read more about our hosting services by clicking here.

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Customized Website Solutions

Use the power of the internet to streamline your business operations, stay organized or complete certain tasks.

The internet is not just for websites and online shopping. After all, the internet is a series of computers (servers) and as you know, computers are quite powerful at completing tasks. Quite often we ask our clients to put into words what they would like their website to do and most of the time, we can deliver a solution. Here are some examples of of custom website projects we've done in the past:

  • "Fetched" Mortgage rates from one site and posted it on another. This allowed the client to always have the latest rates available for their clients"
  • Created a "widget" to aggregate social media posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into a single news feed
  • Created an online employee time tracking tool for a company to keep track of billable employee hours
  • Created an online patient/client intake registration forms to eliminate paper waste, create ease of reference and secure/private patient/client records.
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