Website Hosting Features

Take control of your website and ensure maximum uptime, speed and reliability
* Features at a premium cost Barrie Website Hosting Barrie Website Hosting Barrie Website Hosting
Company GoDaddy & Other Discount Hosts Wix & Other DIY Hosts
Server Environment Dedicated Shared* Shared*
Service Type Local, email or phone call away Foreign, support tickets/queues Foreign, support tickets/queues
Setup Included. As well as FREE hosting transfer Customer managed* Customer managed*
Bandwidth Unlimited/As needed Unlimited: However at the mercy of shared hosting Limited*
Disk Space Unlimited/As needed Limited* Limited*
Emails Unlimited/As needed $11/user/month through third party like Office 365 $5/user/month through third party like G Suite
WordPress Hosting *
Website Backup * *
Risk Of Compromise Low: All content is monitored High: Hosting content is unmonitored High: Hosting content is unmonitored
Website Portability Yes: If you change hosts, we'll give you your site Yes: Assuming you know how to export your site No: Site files owned by DIY provider
Standard Hosting Price $19/month $5-20/month $15-$35/month
WordPress Hosting Price $29/month $5-$33/month Doesn't Offer WordPress

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