A Very Special Thank You From A Client

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All Champagne Connoisseurs Will Appreciate This…

One of the reasons I love being a website designer is primarily because I get to work with some really cool companies. I find it a pleasure and a challenge when a company entrusts me to promote their message online, or create their complete online business. I’ve had the privilege of working with brand new companies for whom I’ve created their logo, website and put their entire business online!

Recently, I had the honor of working for a 52 year old company, whose clients are extremely well known throughout the world. But that’s not the point. The point is they made my job extremely easy by focusing their priority, company-wide, on making sure we all create a perfect website. It not only had to be representative of who they are, but also appeal to their international audience and clients who have marketing budgets in the billions.

Thank You!

Not only was their hospitality out of this world, but their appreciation for my services was extremely well perceived! Sure we might have downed a few bottles of champagne in celebration but while learning about the company and incorporating that message on their website, I took away some valuable lessons in business management, loyalty, smarts and emotions. It made me feel extremely good about what I do.

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