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Your domain name (also referred to as URL or website address) is your most prized possession when it comes to having a properly operating website. It is the key that unlocks the door to your users accessing your content.

Proper domain name management is often overlooked by website owners and often a very simple task such as failing to renew, security locking or identity blocking your domain can lead to losing your domain, having your domain compromised/hacked and completely losing your website.

Ways OMIS can protect your domain and keep your website running

Domain Management Policy

Discount Domain Name Registration Companies Barrie Domain Name Services
Most discount domain name registration services such as GoDaddy, BlueHost and Network Solutions have a software system in place to manage millions of domain names. They send out renewal notices that often can end up in spam, junk or in the event of an email change, not received at all. This impersonal approach to managing domains is what often leads to domains expiring and your website going down. At OMIS, we personally manage and oversee hundreds of domain names and through an innovative management platform. We ensure the renewal of their domains is done in a timely and personal manner. Linked with a website hosting package, quite often this coincides with a billing cycle which offers a second line of defense ensuring renewal and protection.

Domain Name Privacy

Discount Domain Name Registration Companies Barrie Domain Name Services
ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the leading authority responsible for coordinating domain names across the world. One of their requirements is that a domain's contact information (WHOIS data) be publicly available. Discount domain resellers place the clients information on the WHOIS data leaving their contact information to be publicly availabe and succeptible to scams, hacks and identity theft. This public information is used by malicious perpetrators to make calls, send letters and email spam to try and steal your domain name, lock you out of your domain for a ransom and use your identity. At OMIS, we offer an ID Protect service that masks your personal information and replaces it with our company's details. You are still the "owner" of the domain but your personal information is blocked from public view. As a result, we can successfully sift through thousands of illegitimate and legitimate requests relating to your domain. As a result, our clients can rest assured their domain will never be compromised and our clients will never be confused with a domain renewal invoice, threat or issue they receive from malicious sources.

Customer Service

Discount Domain Name Registration Companies Barrie Domain Name Services
The reason discount companies can offer domain registration and renewal services at such a low price is simply because there is no service. The entire process is automated, impersonal and leaves the responsibility onto the client to ensure their domain name is properly managed. We often tell our clients this would be similar to walking into your dentist's office and doing your own checkup! Without knowing what's involved in the proper management of your domain, you are risking and compromosing the well-being of your entire online presence. At OMIS, we manage all our domains manually and by a real person. Upon registering a new client's domain we always inform them we are a phone call or an email away with respect to any questions pertaining to their domain. We will never ask you to manage your own domain or renew it yourself. Trusting your domain name services to a professional will leave you with the peace of mind that your website and email will always be operational and that your domain will always be secured.
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Questions Regarding Your Domain?

At we've been managing hundreds of domains for the last 20 years and we take great pride and having thwarted thousands of attacks, scams and phishing attempts.

Year after year, we are continuously learning how scammers try to derail websites and implement new procedures to ensure all our client's websites remain operational and error-free.

We are always happy to answer any question pertaining to your domain and always offer free consultation with respect to domain, web hosting and web design questions!

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