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Oh man… It saddens me to have received an email about yet another creative scam out there, which I’m sure many will fall prey to. The first email was as follows:


We own the domain name


We are offering the domain for sale since we do not have plans of developing the name.

We thought the domain name would be perfect for your company.

If interested you may contact us.




Being quite interested, I replied and asked for a price, he replied with a price of $450 and right away, this raised some suspicion. Having brokered various domain name transactions, $450 is probably around $2000 below the lowest transaction I have ever dealt with.

So quite easily I did a WHOIS search for the domain and realized the domain was not registered! Obviously I scooped it up and kept the dialogue going with this scammer. In the meantime, I Googled his email address and sure enough, he’s got tonnes of posts, micro-sites and other listings in forums etc… promoting this phony domain brokering service.

This guy looks for available (keyword: available) domains, approaches companies who could benefit from it, offers to sell it and if they bite, he quickly registers it and begins the exchange process. Basically turnnig a $20 transaction into perhaps a $450 transaction.

Please pass this around… I think many people will get burned by this!

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