The Best Advertising Bang For Your Buck!
As a small business owner, you know that every dollar counts. You also know how important it is to advertise and spread the word about your products and services. Over the past decade we’ve realized that online advertising using platforms such a Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads provide the best return on your marketing investment. These online advertising platforms are very specific and can even deliver your ads to your demographic and to your desired location. As all these platforms work in a “pay per click” system. You only pay when a user is interested in your ad and clicks on the ad. We can strategize an online advertising solution that fits your budget and that can grow with your business.

Justify Your Marketing Dollars.
Many traditional advertising methods like newspaper ads, street signage or radio ads are very hard to justify and measure return on investment. How many people saw your ad? How many people responded to it? What is the dollar return on your marketing investment? With online advertising, we provide you with metrics that can help you evaluate and justify your marketing costs. We’ll tell you how many people saw your ad, how many clicked on it and even who placed an order after seeing your ad! With this powerful information, you’ll be able to evaluate your costs and see if online advertising is right for you. Quite often, we see clients switching entirely to online advertising as they can see a positive return on investment from their marketing investment and are never left in the dark whether it works or not!

Bridge The Search Engine Ranking Gap
Ranking highly in search engines is hard work. Having a proper search engine optimization strategy can be costly and can take time. Especially with new websites which search engines reluctantly try to rank until they gain some history and credibility. Depending on your industry, competition can also dampen your search engine ranking especially with websites that have been around for a while. An online advertising strategy can help bridge the gap as your website rises through the search engine ranks and still present your website at the top of search results. We’ve put clients at the top of search engines on day 1 of their website launch – allowing them to start gaining business, customers and sales right from the start!

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