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Online Shopping Is Growing!
The statistics for online shopping are phenomenal. Year after year, many more Canadians use the internet to not only do product research online but also purchase online. The reality is that people no longer leave their homes without having done some form of research on a product or service. They walk into a store fully educated on price, features and selection and simply visit the store to complete the transaction. However, with an online shopping platform, you can convert that user from a browser into a sale!

Sales Management
Keeping track of online sales and users is a complicated task. Not with our online sales management tools. Whether it’s customized or built with WordPress, managing sales, orders and users will be a breeze. Simple and easy to use interface, notes/comments and order status management, search and date functions to help you find that lost order. All built based on your requirements and suggestions.

Easy and Affordable
The great thing about setting up an online store is that it costs a small fraction compared to opening a brick and mortar store. That’s why you sometimes see items selling online for 30% to 40% cheaper than visiting your local store. So compared to 20 years ago when it was virtually impossible or ridiculously expensive to try and sell your widget, ebook or craft, it is now extremely affordable and profitable to launch an online business and start making sales.

Rock Solid Security
The number one question we receive regarding online shopping is whether it’s secure or not. The answer we provide to that is that YES! ABSOLUTELY! Online shopping is extremely secure. However, to gain consumer confidence and ensure your and your customer’s personal information is secured, you need to develop your website in a way that ensures the transaction is secure and no information is compromised. We’ll leave no doubt to your users and also provide protection in the event of a fraudulent transaction done on your site.


Online Payment Processing Solutions
There are various solutions out there to handle and process your transactions in a secure and convenient way. Many payment processing companies like Paypal and Google Wallet offer the added convenience of fraud protection services to ensure your transactions are secured and at the very worse case, backed by a warrantee.

Complete Services
You may not be familiar with Paypal or Stripe but we definitely are! With hundreds of online shopping implementations, we’ll provide you with the complete line-up of services from setting up your account, to implementing it on your website as well as giving you a quick tutorial on how to use the service. We are here to take the fear away from getting your business online and start taking online transactions.


A Solution That Grows With Your Business
Many of our clients want a platform that can handle all aspects of online shopping from customer management to order processing and return/refund services. We recommend WordPress as a framework to help get your business online. WordPress is user-friendly, robust and has become a proven platform used by many small, medium and large companies as a complete online shopping system.

An Entire Team On Your Side
Because WordPress is also a company, your WordPress website will always be up to date. The people at WordPress are continuously improving the platform to keep it competitive, secure and full of features so that you continue to offer the best online services to your customers.

There’s A Plugin For That!
Think of WordPress as a massive toolbox full of options that can run your business online. Want to collect email address from your website to your 3rd party newsletter service like MailChimp or Constant Contact? There’s a plugin for that! Want to integrate your social media onto your website? Want to ensure you have the best Search Engine Optimization? There are plugins for that!

Direct To Your Bank!

Seamless From Your Website To Your Bank
At, we’ve worked on hundreds of online shopping websites. We know the process needed to ensure a secure and user-friendly process from the moment your customer places an order, until your funds are deposited into your bank. Based on your business and your preferences, will ensure you are equipped with the best payment solution to fit your budget and your business needs.

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