The development process is based on a proven project management system that ensures the project will be delivered in a timely manner and according to the client’s requirements. During the various phases of development, and the client will verify and approve on a particular phase prior to beginning the next. This ensures no time is wasted on unnecessary work and that, most importantly, the client is always kept aware of the development progress.

Needs & Information Gathering

Whether over phone, email or in person, will gather all the details and requirements to formulate your project plan. During this stage, the client will carefully review and provide confirmation that all the desired components of the project are outlined in the plan. At this point, will convert the proposal into a contractual form and sign off will be required in order to begin the project.

Project Development

At this stage, will take all the information, ideas and suggestions and develop them into a fully functional test site based on the allocated timeline provided in the contract. Once a test site is developed and delivered to the client, it becomes the client’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the content, functionality and ensure all features requested are within the test site.

Project Delivery

Once the test site is approved by the client, and the client will discuss the project delivery (launch) based on a suitable timeframe. During this phase, and the client will discuss downtime (if required), setting changes (in the event of a change of host) as well as any details required to access/manage/maintain the project.

Ongoing Support

Just because we finished our job, does not mean that our relationship ends! In the event of the discovery of errors, bugs or other issues, will fully support and rectify any situation that may arise with your project. In the event of the discovery of newly needed features or functionality, and the client will discuss, quote and plan for implementing additional work not discussed within the scope of the project.



Our web design philosophy is quite simple. Tell us what you want your website to do and we’ll build it for you.
We treat all our projects as if they were our own. Because of this, you'll always be dealing with a person. Not within a chat box, support tickets or overseas phone support.
You are a professional in your industry. We are professionals in ours. The relationship you will have with will be one that will keep you at the forefront of web design and innovation.
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