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Online Media & Internet Solutions ( will collect certain user information such as name, email, phone number and comments regarding your website or hosting. This information will be gathered through our contact us form and other forms on our website. The information collected through these forms will be used strictly, confidently and exclusively by the staff at for communication purposes regarding your work with never shares, sells or publishes your information unless specifically requested in writing by the client. uses various third party tools and applications for project management, research and marketing for internal operational reasons and not intended for third party use. Although we take all precautions to work with reputable and secure partners, we can not guarantee the security and safety of any third party services

Upon starting a working relationship with the client, will sign you up to our newsletter database for communication created strictly by Our newsletter and email practices abide by the Canada Anti Spam Legistration (can be read here)

We take security extremely seriously and host our website on an encrypted and secure hosting server. If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy feel free to email us at [email protected]