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Over the last decade or so I’ve been providing domain name management and hosting solutions (see, I’ve come across quite a few odd situations from new clients and their domain name experiences. The most common being “I forgot to renew my domain name and now I can’t!” Other clients mentioned they registered their domain names with a certain email which they no longer use (See, before you register your domain to have [email protected], you need to open an account and register with another email address, since you don’t own upon signing up!) and come renewal time, the clock slowly ticks down without many options to renew the domain.

These days you can visit domain name registration website like and register a domain name for a relatively low price ($11.99 at the date of this blog post). However, there is a reason big registration companies can offer domain prices that low. Quite simply, registering a domain and “publishing” to the internet is a fairly resource-free service that doesn’t require much attention on an annual basis. So by signing up with one of these companies you really agree to fully manage your domain name and everything associated with it (adding DNS, renewal, locking, contact information and security).

The fact that your online business rests on your domain name, I’m surprised there isn’t a greater public awareness made about how to properly manage a domain. Imagine for example that failed to renew their domain and was re-registered by someone else? (of course, a very lax example but you get the idea). That entire business and branding would technically no longer be yours!

Another concern in this day and age of hackers, phishing and scamming to be concerned with is malicious attempts to “renew” your domain name with a company that isn’t your current one or with a legitimite company but at ridiculously high prices.

As an example, I recently received an email marked “important” with scary words like “THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE” asking me to renew my domain for $75/year or a lifetime fee of $499! Although perfectly legal in its nature, personally I feel that paying $75/year for a domain is like paying $30k for a Hyunday Accent. Car dealers are free to price their vehicles as they wish just like domain name registrars are, however that false sense of urgency and that look of legitimacy (meaning, presenting themselves to your email assuming they were your current registrar) is what I really find indecent and deceiving.

An experienced and professional web developer or domain services provider will be familiar with everything required to keep your domain safe, renewed and always pointing to your website at a reasonable cost. Often they will charge a small premium on top of the “traditional prices” simply to ensure the safety and proper operation of your domain name.

As an example, at, the price our customers pay for the domain name includes the renewal fee, the services to point the domain to your website, any domain-related services such as creating emails and passwords and ensuring the security of the domain to prevent theft, hacking and phishing.

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