At, we believe search engine optimization starts before writing the first line of code. We call this SEO from the ground up. Prior to building your website, we’ll ensure we have gathered a list of important keywords – those terms that users will enter in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines to hopefully find your website – and incorporate them throughout your website. We’ll ensure the content you provide us with your website is nicely saturated to please search engines and begin your way up the rankings. As an added bonus, we’ll also ensure we build in the proper “meta elements” that are required by search engines for your website. With all our new clients, creating a website that is “SEO ready” is included in the quote you receive!

Search Engine Optimization Services

For those who have an existing website looking for SEO services, we have an extensive process that will analyze your website to see where the gaps are, analyze your competition as well provide a solution to improve your rankings. Search Engine Optimization is all about content so where suitable, will provide content ideas to help improve your rankings as well as leverage the use of social media to aid in improving your rankings.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Directories & More!

Here in Canada, Google owns roughly 60% of the search engine market share. Bing (Owned by Microsoft) owns 20% and the remaining 20% is divided among other search engines and listing directories. Because of these statistics, we’ll always focus on optimizing your SEO for Google but will also consider other search engines for your benefit. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve learned a few tricks to help bring traffic to your website from various sources aside from search engines.

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