The OMIS Social Media Solution
As a professional in your industry, you work hard to manage your business. Let a professional manage your Social Media efforts. The OMIS Social Media Solution allows you to maximize the potential of your social media efforts by putting in charge of creating, managing and growing your social media presence online. Essentially, we become your company’s social media specialist. Social Media or Networking is the new in a way in which millions of people use to communicate, find referrals and even shop online. On a daily basis, your potential customers are on Twitter, Facebook, and many other Social Media sites.

Working Together To Improve Your Social Media
We have worked with numerous clients to help them promote their business on social media and we find the most effective way to accomplish this is by working together. You provide the content and we’ll “socialize” it! As new things happen with your business (new product, service, staff, event, restaurant menu item, promotion or sale) simply communicate that with us and we’ll strategically structure, time and position that content on a suitable social media platform. As we engage with your followers on social media, we’ll pass along any questions that we may not be able to address.

What We Offer
To properly set up your social media network you need time, consistency and constant monitoring to ensure you stay on top of your content and your followers. With over 7 years of experience working with social media sites, OMIS has developed a successful process to tap into the potential of social media and provide you with an additional source of customers.

  • Signing up for all the major social networking sites (primarily Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Yelp)
  • Facebook setup & optimization
  • Twitter follower management and follower seeding
  • Twitter directory submission (Twellow, WeFollow)
  • Management of your company images on Flickr
  • Management of your company videos on YouTube
  • LinkedIn company page setup & optimization
  • Finding the right followers for Twitter/Facebook (industry-related)
  • Work with the client via phone call/email to receive company news
  • Work with your content (company newsletter, print-outs etc…) to create a Blogger blog post.
  • Forwarding all direct contact originating from social media sites to your email of choice.
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