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No matter what you need a website for, it can work for you and help you generate business. Whether it’s a simple call to action to acquire an email address or a complex online store, your website has the power to help increase your revenue. From having a complete online shopping solution to a simple marketing or brochure website, we’ll help you set up your website so that it keeps viewers engaged and helps you convert views into sales.

We’ve got the knowledge and web design experience to make your website into a business and help bring you customers!

Tap Into 100% Of Your Visitors
People are visiting websites from a number of sources and devices. Laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and even TV’s! At we understand the importance of building a functional website across all types of devices in a responsive way that is suitable for the device. Our web design process will ensure your website is built and looks as it should and works as it should on any device. This is not an upgrade – it’s standard.

User-Friendly Websites

Clean, Simple, Common Sense Navigation
There’s nothing more frustrating than getting lost on a website, having to hit the back button or simply not being able to find what you’re looking for on a website. Through our user traffic and statistics management, we’re able to see various examples of how your website gets Used. Over the years and after analyzing millions of views and hits, we’ve learned that users expect certain things. Such as buttons/links or product details, reviews and images when you sell online. Quite simply, we understand what users are looking for when they visit a website and we will build this into your website.

Organization & Layout In Mind
Whether you have an online store, a simple marketing website or hundreds of pages of information to show your clients, we will build a website that is logical and has a common sense approach. You simply have to provide the content and we’ll do the organizing. Of course, we may not have hit the nail on the head the first time around; however, we’ll be more than glad to apply any customizations or preferences after the delivery of the test site. This website, after all, was built for you!

Features You Get

All These Features & Conveniences Included!

  • SEO-Ready: We understand how important and how hard it is to appear in search engines on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our website building process includes building your website so that it’s search engine optimization ready. Meta tags, headlines, keywords, alt tags. We’ll create your website ready to be picked up by search engines to start the ranking process.
  • Google AdWords Ready: Google AdWords has been proven as one of the most successful paid advertising platform for all businesses. In order to appear on Google Ads, your website needs to be configured in such a way that meets AdWords requirements. Your website will ensure you are ready for Google AdWords from day 1. As a comparison, we’ve worked with clients converting their websites and making them AdWords ready and nearly half as much as the full cost of a website!
  • User Traffic & Statistics Management: At we work with hundreds of websites and through our hosting platform we gather millions of views and hits and terabytes of traffic details to see what users like, what they expect and how they behave on your site. We can tell you what page users always leave, which page they don’t visit and even tell you how long they stayed in the shopping cart while checking out! Over the years we’ve gathered this knowledge and applied it to our web design and development process. It’s like having the experience, research & development and traffic history of hundreds of websites built into yours!
  • Personal Connection: Having dealt with your project manager since day 1 and continued well after the launch of your project, we will always have a personal connection to your project and will continue to grow with your website. Consider us your personal web consultants for your business!
  • Future Trends: We’ve been around since the start of the internet. We were there when YouTube started and online shopping, social media, and smartphones became popular. We’ve also identified how important these trends affected websites and how they should interact. Along the way, we’ve presented ideas to our clients to take advantage of these trends and improve the appearance and functionality of their websites. You can ensure that if the latest trend is up and coming, we’ll inform you on how to use it to your benefit.
  • Scalability: Your business is always growing and changing. You might be a new hair salon in town who simply needs a 5-page website, a contact us page, and a service fee page. After a couple of years, you now offer an online appointment booking system and a couple of years after that, online shopping for your patrons to purchase products and accessories. Finally, you create a series of YouTube videos for worldwide viewers to watch and subscribe as followers. We’ve seen it happen and we’ve helped hundreds of companies evolve their website as desired. Because of this, your website will always be scalable and adaptable to suit your needs.
  • Peripheral Services: At, we’re proud to say that we’re a one-stop shop for all things web. Since we have well over 20 years of experience. We know graphic design, video editing, logo design and print design. We understand the way you market your business from your website (print ads, posters, business cards, signs, and banners) affects the way you market on your website. We’re proud to be working with many businesses offering the full line-up of services  from logo/branding design to business card/letterhead setup and print as well as video editing and uploading to YouTube as additional services.
WordPress Design

Your WordPress Design Solution!

WordPress is a toolkit for developers and business owners that allows them to manage their website easily and securely with a robust framework. It’s no surprise that 28% of the internet is powered by WordPress from simple “brochure” websites to showcase your company information to vast online shops that will help you sell your products, manage your inventory and keep track of your customers and orders.

Having worked on over 200 WordPress websites, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to deliver results!

Manage Your Website The Way You Want!
With an easy to use “admin” dashboard, WordPress allows you to easily manage the content on your website. From uploading images and videos to add pages and blog posts. WordPress is the proven platform to take control of your website.

Fully Customizable.
Out of the box, WordPress is ready to use and you can start adding content, images, blogs and web pages right away! However, in the event your business is unique, your WordPress installation can be fully customized to suit your needs. From online booking systems to course registrations, reoccurring subscriptions, and virtual downloadable product stores, WordPress is the solution for your project and has the experience to build it for you.

Unique WordPress Design
When choosing a WordPress designer, ensure they will be able to design your website to allow you to stand out from the crowd. Many designers “copy” the same WordPress theme to keep design and development costs low but you end up having the same looking website as your competitor! We pride ourselves on ensuring no two websites look the same by adding those much-needed design details to make you stand out ahead of your competitors.

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