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Online Shopping

Online Shopping Is Growing!
The statistics for online shopping are phenomenal. Year after year, many more Canadians use the internet to not only do product research online but also purchase online. The reality is that people no longer leave their homes without having done some form of research on a product or service. They walk into a store fully educated on price, features, and selection and simply visit the store to complete the transaction. However, with an online shopping platform, you can convert that user from a browser into a sale!

Sales Management
Keeping track of online sales and users is a complicated task. Not with our online sales management tools. Whether it’s customized or built with WordPress, managing sales, orders and users will be a breeze. Simple and easy to use interface, notes/comments and order status management, search and date functions to help you find that lost order. All built based on your requirements and suggestions.

Easy and Affordable
The great thing about setting up an online store is that it costs a small fraction compared to opening a brick and mortar store. That’s why you sometimes see items selling online for 30% to 40% cheaper than visiting your local store. So compared to 20 years ago when it was virtually impossible or ridiculously expensive to try and sell your widget, ebook or craft, it is now extremely affordable and profitable to launch an online business and start making sales.

Rock Solid Security
The number one question we receive regarding online shopping is whether it’s secure or not. The answer we provide to that is that YES! ABSOLUTELY! Online shopping is extremely secure. However, to gain consumer confidence and ensure you and your customer’s personal information is secured, you need to develop your website in a way that ensures the transaction is secure and no information is compromised. We’ll leave no doubt to your users and also provide protection in the event of a fraudulent transaction done on your site.

Content Management

Your Work – Your Way!
You might be a foodie blogger, a photographer or a doctors office with various forms, applications, and publications. Managing your content can be tricky at your office, especially when you need to share with your customers. We’ve built hundreds of customized content management solutions to help companies manage their content online and so that they can communicate this content with their client-base.

Streamline Your Operations
Your website doesn’t only have to be for your clients and customers. It can be for your staff, family, and friends as well! Manage attendance, fill out employee forms and records and retrieve them online, organize that Tupperware of family recipes and invite your family members to browse and add recipes, manage and track fundraisers, contests, and pools with co-workers and friends. We like to tell our clients that if you can think of it, we can build it! Web development can easily and efficiently organize your operations and make it accessible on the internet either publicly, privately or securely through the use of a login protocol.

3rd Party Apps

Integration Made Easy
We understand there are many tools and services offered online that can help your business. A newsletter management service like MailChimp or an online booking system like Schedulicity or a music feed from Soundcloud. We’ve worked with various third-party apps and understand the implementation process and are capable of integrating the API onto your website.

New To 3rd Party Apps? We’ll Advise
Are you setting up your online business but not sure what payment system to use? Paypal? Google Checkout? Stripe? There are pros and cons to each solution and each business might need a different solution. With a few emails or a phone call, will be able to advise on the ideal 3rd party solution for your website.

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