One-Time Website Maintenance Services

Has it been a while since you've updated your website? Search engines place a penalty for websites that go unmaintained. Naturally, the less you update your website the less current it is and search engines prefer to deliver updated websites for more accurate content and results. Our one-time web maintenance service is straight-forward. You email us a list of things you would like to change on your website such as pictures, content, layout or additinal pages needed and we provide you with a quotation. We can either makes the changes and deliver the new website files or we can upload them directly to your current web host.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Are you falling behind keeping your website up to date month after month? You may have seasonal changes like store hours or monthly sales and promotions or new content you want added to your website. Let manage your ongoing website updates and we'll help keep your website up to date! Depending on the nature of the ongoing changes needed, our website hosting plan is often the ideal solution and costs as little as $19/month or $228 per year!

Website Check-Up

Not sure how your website is doing? Owning a website is the same as owning a car. Over time, there are certain aspects of your website that need to be looked after. Almost like an oil change or new brakes. The internet is still growing fast and new technologies are replacing older ones. Some browsers, applications and other coding structures can quickly become outdated meaning your website will no longer work as it previously did. Our FREE website checkup will also evaluate some important search engine optimization components to see if they are missing. In 2019 it's extremely important to ensure your website is "search engine ready" so that it can rank and appear in search results.

Want a FREE Website Checkup?

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